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Salon Services

Head Lice Removal SalonAt Clean Comb Salon we use and sell non-toxic, pesticide free, all natural enzyme based formulas by Absolute Clear to “unglue” the nits from the hair shaft, kill the adults and nymphs so that all phases of lice can be combed out with our proven process.  We even show you the results so you can be assured they are gone. All our services include the education and 24 hour support to eradicate them from your environment and to protect you from recurrence.  We offer a variety of plans to fit your family budget and schedule.

At Clean Comb we are not disgusted by or afraid of lice, we use a hands on approach for your lice treatment. Lice are removed safely, privately and effectively in the comfort of our salon or, with a home application, in your home using thorough and proven methods.

• You will be provided with everything you need for the treatment of head lice.
• We respect your privacy, services are always confidential.
• Post-treatment tips to avoid future outbreaks are shared on every visit or call.  We have no secrets.

1. Head Checks
In order to properly identify if lice are present, all household members and daily visitors or caretakers should be checked for all life stages of  head lice; Adults,  nymphs (adolescent lice) and nits(eggs). Ensuring all close family and friends are free and clear significantly reduces the chances for re-infestations.  We perform only “WET” checks as these are the only “Proof Positive” method to identify even the most recent infestation. These are FREE! Your peace of mind is most important to us, you will leave us confident the lice are gone!

2. Treatment
Once we identify lice on a head we stop and discuss the next steps.  Assist you in choosing a strategic and thorough package that fits your budget and schedule.  Our comprehensive plans set families up for success. 

3. 30-day Checks
We recommend a FREE 30 day checks with any package.  When you purchase our “Cadillac” service and follow the prescribed protocol we guarantee you will be lice free at your 30-day check or before or further treatment is free.  Further infestations within a 30-day period are not uncommon but are usually caused from an environmental concern previously not addressed.  Know that we have your back!  We will administer treatment until lice are gone and you are 100% satisfied.

4. Pricing
Your budget and schedule are key factors in how you approach the battle with lice.  With that in mind we have put together many comprehensive packages to accommodate your needs.  Please contact us for our successful options, we strive to find a perfect solution for everyone.