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Fighting Head Lice

child fighting head liceFighting lice is not as simple as one treatment and then you’re done. It involves an active battle over a period of time to ensure you have gotten rid of them for good.

Fighting Lice: What you need to know. First, the right tools are critical for the effective removal of lice and nits. Lice are increasingly resistant to over–the–counter pesticides; therefore, we suggest Absolute Clear, an all-natural enzyme product that kills lice quickly and effectively. Absolute Clear also loosens the glue the nits are attached to the hair with, helping them to come out much easier.

Secondly, repeating treatments is imperative. By doing treatments more than once, you can stop the lice battle more quickly. Repeated treatments help you catch anything that might have been missed on the first treatment, as well as prevent a continued infestation from the original source. Why do we suggest getting treated by Clean Comb Salon? For one cost, we treat a person and see them every week until they are clear for 2 weeks in a row, guaranteed!

Clean your environment. This means vacuum and hot dryer everything. Vacuum mattresses, couches, chairs, floors, and vehicles. Throw in the dryer at the highest setting for 30 minutes all bedding, pillows, blankets, sheets, coats, etc. DO NOT WASH; washing does nothing to kill lice or nits. We recommend having your home sprayed with Absolute Clear. This helps lessen your stress level and your workload while providing you with protection in your home for 6 weeks.