Top 10 Lice Facts

Top 10 Lice Facts

  1. The Rhode Island Department of health removed the practice of head checking for lice in school. This includes when there is a known case in your child’s classroom.  Notices are not being sent home regularly and parents need to know that they are responsible to checks their children’s’ heads weekly.
  2. Lice are parasitic insects; they need a host to survive. In this case, only a human host will do.
  3. Lice cannot survive long in high heat (above 150 degrees) F or freezing cold (below -4 degrees F).
  4. There is no “season” for Lice, however due to child activities they appear more prevalent in summer and late winter, temperature plays a partial role in these seasonal outbreaks.
  5. Lice cannot jump or fly, in order to get from one human host to another, close proximity or the sharing of space or garments is required. An adult louse may crawl or fall from one human host or garment to another when in close proximity for example, while taking “selfies” with friends.
  6. In the past, lice have been primarily associated with preschool and elementary aged children, however with exploding social media “selfies” and typical teenage fashion sharing, lice are becoming more common in the middle to high school groups as well as college age.
  7. You could live with lice for the rest of your life, however you would run the risk for skin infections due to incessant itching. These infections can prove to be troublesome and even serious health risks. Best to treat lice with diligence and haste.
  8. One fertilized female constitutes an infestation. An adult female is completely fertilized all at once, this means all her eggs (nits) are viable; they will produce a louse.  When her estimated 100-250 fertilized eggs are laid she will die, but her brood will live on!  She can live up to 30 days on a human host.
  9. There are no known scientific preventative solutions. Your best lines of defense include wearing braids or tight buns in hair, keeping coats, hats, scarves and backpacks separate from classmates and friends.  When you know there are lice present in you or your child’s environment DRY all linens and clothes for 30 minutes on high, do not wash first.  Perform regular routine checks or contact your local lice specialist or family doctor to assist in the identification of an outbreak in your family.
  10. While eradicating your life of lice you must be vigilant with bed linens, hair and outer clothing for at least 2 weeks. This helps ensure lice at any stage are rendered harmless. 
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