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FAQs About Head Lice

head liceWhat is a Nit?
Nit (egg): Eggs are attached to the hairs individually by  the female. They are glued to the hair about 1/4? inch from scalp. Because they are glued to the hair, eggs can only be combed out or pulled out with fingernails. Eggs begin hatching in 7-10 days.

What is a Nymph?
Nymphal stage (miniature adult): Newly hatched nymphs will crawl and seek a place to feed immediately. Nymphal stage lasts about 7-10 days from the day they hatch. During this stage, nymphs will not leave the head for survival purposes; the head provides the warmth, darkness and food they need for survival during this stage of life.

What is a Louse (Lice plural)?
Lice (plural) Louse (singular) – (adult): This stage begins when body growth stops and sexual maturation occurs. There are separate sexes in head lice and females must mate and be fertilized in order to produce viable eggs. Fertilization needs only to occur once.

How long does a louse live?
A mated female can continue to produce eggs for the duration of her life, which is about 30-40 days. She can lay up to I 0 eggs daily during this period.

Can lice live off a human?
Lice can ingest several meals per day. They can only live off a human host for 24-72 hours.

Can lice live on pets?
Head lice DO NOT live on pets.

How can I prevent lice?
Teach your child not to share certain things with others:Some of these things include:

  • hats and sports helmets (even in stores)• combs/brushes/hair accessories
  • clothes (dress-up and regular)
  • pillows/blankets
  • head phonesTry to avoid close contact especially with the head/hair, for example, when whispering secrets to a friend.

What is Absolute Clear?
Absolute Clear is an all natural enzyme product that kills lice quickly and effectively. Absolute Clear also loosens the glue the nits are attached to the hair with, helping them to come out much more easily.