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CDC Guidelines

Pandemic Information
While we are open and following the Covid-19 guidelines as prescribed by the State of Rhode Island, we also want you to rest assured we are adhering to those guidelines that pertain to both the Health and Salon industries. Yours as well as our health and safety is of most concern as always. Our protocols are as follows:

Our Staff
We are all 100% vaccinated!
Each employee is screened multiple times per day, specifically between each and every appointment for symptoms.
Should an employee need to be dismissed due to symptoms, we must apologize, but this likely means an appointment will need to be rescheduled. This will be communicated and discussed with you at our earliest convenience.
Employees are required to sanitize the salon and themselves between each appointment.
This includes the use of hand washing and sanitizer along with wearing shield clothing that is laundered daily.

Appointment Protocols
One family at a time will be scheduled. Ample time will be left between appointments for proper cleaning and sanitizing. See Salon Sanitization for further information.


1. We ask that those who are NOT fully vaccinated enter our salon wearing a mask. This includes anyone under the age of 12, as this age group has not been approved to receive the vaccines
2. Any unvaccinated visitor without a mask will be provided an authorised PPE for their personal use and may take it with them. This will be the standard unless, as described bythe state and CDC guidelines it is unsafe to do so for an individual; a child under 2 or a  person with a respiratory difficulty that becomes exacerbated by the use of PPE.
3. Hand sanitizer is provided outside the door of the salon for use by all entrants. Its use is encouraged


1. Entrance Sanitizing station is filled upon opening and checked throughout the day for supply
2. Each client will be provided a disposable cape for use during their check and/or treatment
3. Although salon employees may choose to wear gloves for their personal protection and preference, it is first the choice of the client. If you would prefer your treatment provider to wear gloves please communicate that at the outset of treatment or anytime during.
4. All combs, brushes and clips are thoroughly sanitized using Barbicide or sanitizer as appropriate for the equipment. After sanitization they are properly stored in sealed containers until use.
5. Paper Towels are stored in a closed container and brought out as needed for a clients treatment
6. Spray bottles are treated with sanitizer between clients, however there is no expectation of a client coming in contact with an employee's bottles.

Salon Sanitization between clients

1. After a family visit is complete all chairs, doors and their handles are sprayed with disinfectant, allowed to sit for the directed amount of time and then wiped with a clean towel that is disposed of.
2. Once all surfaces are sanitised the garbage will be disposed of.
3. There will be no media, including magazines, books or chalk provided by the salon.

Clients may ask for the internet password to be used on personal devices.

 Salon Sanitization End of day

1. The between client protocols are followed
2. Product on shelves is being kept to a minimum. All product packaging is sanitized at the
end of each day and prior to being handed over to a client
3. All extra stock is kept in a closed cabinet that has been sanitized
4. Floor is vacuumed and then washed with sanitizing floor wash

Triage Logs
Tirage logs, which are not a CDC requirement, are not currently being maintained.

Becoming Symptomatic
1. Should an employee become symptomatic they will be immediately dismissed and the
Covid-19 testing protocol will be activated per the
2. Should a client become symptomatic after their appointment they should notify the salon
so the state Covid-19 testing protocol can be activated per the website.
Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times. Stay safe!